Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Humble Request

Hello guys,

Vijin hear, our page is not getting as many hits as it used to get before.
Demon gadgets is sinking guys, and YOU  are the only ones who can save it!!
Its my humble Request to all my viewers to please google + my page and to share it.
Please help me return DEMON GADGETS to its former glory.

Requesting your support.

Thank you
                    Vijin out-----

Monday, 23 June 2014

Six axis controller works on Android.

Hi guys,
Have an extra ps3 six axis controller?
Well u r gonna get lucky!
Our guys from "DANCING PIXEL STUDIOS". Really worked hard and developed an app by which u can play games on android using your six axis controller.
Thats pretty good news huh?

And thank you "dancing pixel studios" for your hard work and an excellent app.


  Thank you
             Vijin out-----

PSP Emulator Android

Hi guys,
Well lost, sold, or broke ur PSP?
And u still miss it? U wish u still had it?
Well ur wish is granted my friends.
Now u can play ur psp downloaded games on  your android.!!
Dont believe me? Well click on the link below and see for yourself! !!


Supported games:-

Persona 2, Persona 3
Little Big Planet
Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
Final Fantasy : Crisis Core
Monster Hunter 2 Unite
Soul Calibur
GTA (slow on mobile)
and many more... U JUST NEED THE WILL TO TRY😊.

Thats it for now
                       Vijin out-----

Heart Rate sensor for Galaxy S4, Note 3, S2 ,Grand, Grand 2.

Hi guys,
Well samsung has stunned the world by their brain child I.e the heart rate sensor on the new Galaxy S5.
Our guys weren't Quite happy, They told They need a heart rate sensor on their other galaxy smartphones.
Their demand for heart rate sensor Literally Gave us a Heart attack.
Well Its now available on the play store.
The "HEART RATE SENSOR" And the best part ? Its for FREE!
So race ahead and download the heart rate sensor now and stun ur friends as samsung stunned YOU!